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Darkness is closing in, explore the serene environment in search of an answer, in search of a way out. 


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wow this game is really cool! i love the environment and the eerie but calming atmosphere. and the shadow creature were kinda scary until i realized what i had to do. the end? was kinda sudden and surprising (i think it was the ending? it brought me back to the menu)  anyway i enjoyed it quite a bit :D

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You have a wonderful game here. The atmosphere in the games was amazing. It made me wanna explore the whole place even if it was very very small. Who knew if you had any secrets laying around. 

The gameplay was great. Very mysterious. Never knowing what those dark things/creatures walking or flying around really is. Loved it! Adding that you collect moonlight. Nice idea. 

The only thing I was missing in the game was music. But everything else in the game made up for it.

The game is aesthetically nice and calming except when you are being chased by black things. I had no idea what was going on.

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Really great work with the atmosphere - the visuals are very stylish and the insect (cricket?) sounds in the background make it really feel like night time. When I first saw an enemy character, the blob of darkness, it was honestly a bit scary, the way it just silently goes after you. If there's something the player can do wrong it's going to the water, it seemed like you can easily get stuck there and so be swallowed by the darkness.

I'd like to invite this game to our Game Development World Championship!

Thanks a lot for playing :) Was going for a kind of ominous, but calming atmosphere glad you felt something. I'll look into the GDWC and probably submit, it looks fun


Alright, thank you very much for your interest!


Moonlight is a unique environment with some relaxing ambiance and little to no disturbance from the darkness. The setting is a lot to take in at first, all the orbs and towers flooding the purple fields with light, whereas the luminescent Moon looms overhead. Although there are enemies, you barely notice them because of the overall feel of this game. I wouldn't change a thing about this, especially from a prototype point of view. I cannot say very much about it thus far, but I can only hope you will continue to develop this. If you have larger things in the works for this as a level, I will be gladly awaiting its release. Wonderful work!

Didn't expect anyone to record themselves playing, thank you for putting the time into this :) Glad you enjoyed it, I mostly just wanted to make a cool looking area, with a calming but slightly ominous atmosphere. I might return and expand this into something more fleshed out later, if I do i'll let you know :) thanks again